Sentencing Advocacy Practicum

University of Minnesota Law School

Prof. JaneAnne Murray

Spring 2019; Room TBD; Mondays, 4:05 to 6:00 p.m



1/28/2019: Introduction to Sentencing Theory

2/4/2019: Telling Your Client’s Story

2/11/2019: Introduction to Sentencing Guidelines

2/25/2019: Neuroscience and Sentencing

3/4/2019: The Presentence Process

3/11/2019: Specific Mitigation Issues: Family Circumstances

3/25/2019: Conversation with Sentencing Judges

4/1/2019: Quality of Incarceration (Prison visit)

4/15/2019: Kinds of Sentences

4/22/2019: Developing Alternatives to Incarceration

4/29/2019: Countering Bias

5/1/2019: Restorative Justice